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About me: Site is doing well so I'm back bitches :devil: A few pieces of advice. A lot of new people or people that don't know the site very well ask me a lot of questions, so I'll try to cover as many of them as I can. :devil: If you haven't signed up yet, be aware that once you sign up, you are stuck here. There is no deleting your profile, even though there's an option for it. It'll tell you to take it up with administration or whatever, and it will be ignored. The same thing goes for videos. That's just the way it is here, so just be aware of these things. When you sign up I would HIGHLY suggest using a username and not your email (I see that a LOT). Not only for your own security reasons (Do you REALLY want almost a million people to have access to your email?) but also, a username makes you a little more memorable, as well as increases your odds of being added by some. :devil: An avatar pic helps too. :devil: Then if you message someone for whatever reason, or add someone, or upload a new vid, they'll see your name and pic and may remember it. (Kinda like, who the fuck uploaded this? OHHHH it's FuckFaceMcGhee with the Nyan Cat pic. I love that guy! I'll subscribe to him!) :devil: If you are an uploader, you don't have to name your vids all wacky like you do with other places. You don't have to put @M83RCUT!3 for AmberCutie or whatever. DMCA is nonexistent here, so name and tag your vids straight up so the rest of us can actually find them in a search lol. :devil: Another thing about uploads, if you're new to it, it will not be visible for a long time after you upload. Then it will appear as PROCESSING. That just means admin has to approve it, then it'll be live. That whole process takes several hours, sometimes days, depending on when he's around to approve it. I don't know why he doesn't let them auto approve like everywhere else and shave off hours and hours of upload time. :devil: Also for uploaders, if you make your videos public, they will end up on one of the many mirror/copy sites of this one. If that's a problem for you, just keep that in mind. They usually can't take the private vids though. :devil: One more thing about the site, if you add someone as a friend and still can't see their vids, add whatever vid you're trying to watch to your favorites list and watch it from there. That's just a weird site glitch, but it works. :devil: Now then, as for my videos, I cap a lot myself, and others come from various other places. Some have sound, some do not. Some are good quality, others are not. Some are quite rare, and others are everywhere. I've got well over 20,000 cam videos spanning from a decade ago all the way up to today, so it's impossible to remember what came from where. If I upload something that came from like anonv or xvideos or something like that, I'll try to notice it and make it public, but some of those may slip by. :devil: I don't really take requests. I may try to help you find some shit you want, or I may not. Depends on how fucked my life is at the time. The stuff I have is 95% MFC, and usually the same 400+ girls, with a fuck ton of randoms thrown in, or a bunch that I have forgotten their name. (For example, I've got about 300 videos of just Kati3Kat, like 150 of just AnnaMolli, and so on like that) :devil: Also, if you deny requests for no good god damned reason, or if you have insane standards for what it will take for you to be gracious enough to add someone (some of us actually have lives and can't upload at least 25 videos a day of a set list of models that you like just to see the one fucking video you have that's worth half a fuck) please fuck off and die... Of dick cancer... and fire... at the same time. Fuck you. :devil: If you happen to encounter one of these assholes and really want a video they have, just send me the link and I'll try to hook you the fuck up if at all possible. :devil: This is a community. It's a weird community, but it's still a community and more people should treat it that way. No point in taking a bunch of stolen videos so seriously. :devil: