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Country: Belize
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Joined: 2 years ago
Gender: Male
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Sexual orientation: Straight
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About me: I receive lots of friend requests per day, and I hate to waste time with messages like "Johnny is not your friend anymore" . Waste of time for me when I clear my messages, and most of those people send another friend request when they see a new vid they like. From now on, if you remove me from your friend list, YOU WILL BE IGNORED. ------------------------------------------------------------------> Pm me if you have a private or ticket show of Lyly solo vid (wild_light696) , MFCShare vids from Bonjourdo, or dianabardo(cute_kami, verycute_kami) private vid where she is TOPLESS. I have material for trade. <-------------------------------------------------------------------->if you love the girls, support them!!!! >>>shorturl.at/htCQY<<< I do not upload my complete collection, I have more vids for many of the girls, available for trade. I'm interested in 18-25 yo cute russian girls, so don't pm me offering some fake boobed trailer trash milf. Cheers!--------------------------------> EDIT: I DO NOT TAKE SPECIAL REQUESTS! FREELOADERS BEGGING FOR RECORDINGS GET UNFRIENDED AND IGNORED!!! <---------- -----------------------EDIT: You have a recording of nanalov private topless???? PM right fucking now!